Agreement with data processing

I give my consent to company Ondřej Suchánek, IN: 10789693, (hereinafter reffered to as administrator), to process my personal and sensitive data for the reason of registration on website, in accordance with provision n. 13 Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) n. 2016/679 from date 27. April 2016, general regulation on the protection of personal data (hereinafter reffered to as regulation).

1. Personal data that will be processed:
Email address,

2. Object of interest of processing personal data is:
Registration on website

3. Time period of processed data is
From the time of agreement with processing personal data to indefinite period.

4. Personal data cannot be shared with following third parties:
The subject of data declares that he was properly instructed by the administrator about processing and protection of personal data, and that personal data mentioned above are truthful a precise and that they are provided to administrator voluntarily.

5. Right of the data subject
The subject of data can resign from agreement or change its data anytime. Administrator is obliged to, without further delay, satisfy subjects wishes.

6. Cookies
1.1 Cookies files are small text files, which are sent from website to your web browser. They enable capturing information about your activity on a website, for example chosen language on a website, repeated visit on this website might be easier and more comfortable for you. Cookies files are important, without their presence the internet browsing would be much more complicated. Cookies files enables better usage of our website and adaption of its content for your needs. Almost every website on the internet use them. Cookies files are useful because they increase user friendliness and repeated visits of a website.
1.2 Administrator can use these kind of cookies on the internet:
1.2.1 Relational (temporary) cookies files enables connection of your activities for the time of your visit. These files are activated in a moment of opening a web browser and deactivates with closing it. These files are temporary therefore they are removed after closing a web browser.
1.2.2 Pernament cookies files are helping with identification of your computer, which is used for repeated visit of our website. They enables us to modify our website to suit your needs.
1.3 In accordance with provision § 89 paragraph 3 law n. 127/2005 Sb. About electronic communication, we inform you that our website use cookies files and therefore we are processing your temporary and permanent cookies files.
1.4 Web browsers usually contains cookies files management. Within your browser settings you can remove, block or ban usage of cookies files. For more information use your web browser´s help systém. If you do not allow usage of cookies in your browser some website function might not be available for you.
1.5 For the personalization of the website content and ads, providing a certain functions for social media and analysis of visitor traffic we use cookies files. We share informations about usage of our website with our partners that working in area of social media. If you use internet websites you agree with connection of following services, social networks and internet applications.
1.6 Because of targeted advertising within social media and advertising sites from other websites we hand over data about your behaviour on our website. However we dont give them information about indetification data and personal data.
1.7 Hand over to third parties.
2.1 Your personal data will not be given to third parties.
3 Information and questions.
3.1 Another information about rights and responsibilities with protection of personal data can subject of data obtain on website or through email address